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Dining & bar

Hotel Ranjeet’s cuisine and taste has been legendary. For so many bygone years and still so many to come, the taste of Ranjeet can never be forgotten. We are all about authenticity and innovative flavors!! The quality of food is uncompromised and the chefs keep trying to give new and varied dishes to the guests and also concocting the Classics!!

 Dining is altogether a pleasure for the guests; delectable dishes, heady aromas and and a lively ambience greets the guests when enter the Hotel.
We have an Air Conditioned as well as, an open air garden restaurant to treat our guests in all possible environs of the year. With more than 100 varieties of dishes, an assortment of beverages Ranjeet is a food lover's heaven greater than heaven. Beginning with the ubiquitous appetizers and snacks (or a peg or two from the Maikhânâ our Bar) followed by soups and the main course, to winding up with a variety of desserts difficult to choose from. Ranjeet caters to the gastronomical needs of one and all. The weight watchers, too, have a wide range to choose from a variety of whole wheat chappatis, bowls of salads and food specially cooked in olive oil.
Lazeez - The Main Dining Hall & Bar
Khatir - The Family Restaurant
Nazare - Terrace Bar
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